Zahira Melendez Therapy, LMFT-A

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. " - Nelson Mandela

Privacy Notice

All interactions with us including scheduling of appointments, your records, content of your sessions, and progress in counseling, are kept confidential within our office. On occasion, we may consult with another therapist in order to provide you with the best service possible. If we do so, such consulting clinicians will be bound by the same confidentiality agreement and will not be provided with any identifying information.

Under certain circumstances, we may be required to share confidential information under legal mandate. These circumstances are outlined below:

  • Imminent risk of harm: When there is reason to believe that a client may be at imminent risk of harming him/herself/hirself, others, and/or property, I have the legal and ethical option to warn appropriate authorities.

  • Cases of abuse and neglect: When there is reason to believe that a minor, or elderly person, or a person with a disability is in danger of being, or has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused or neglected, I am obliged by law to report the information to the appropriate authorities.

  • Orders from Courts of Law & Criminal Proceedings: When a court of law orders a therapist to release information, the therapist must comply with such an order. Confidentiality does not extend to criminal proceedings in Texas, so that if a client is presently, or will later become, involved in a criminal lawsuit, the client’s file may be opened for court inspection.

  • Inappropriate behavior by previous therapist: If a client discloses that a previous therapist behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner, then I am legally bound to report it to the District Attorney’s office as well as to the appropriate state licensing board. The client’s identity need not be disclosed if he/she/ze does not wish it.

Additionally, clients can give written consent for us to provide information to others (e.g. psychiatrists, doctors, case workers, etc.) in an effort to coordinate treatment.