EMDR Therapy in Texas

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based therapy that helps people recover from trauma and difficult life experiences. EMDR is based on the belief that trauma is stuck unprocessed in the memory network. When this occurs, seeking professional help is recommended.

EMDR  uses bilateral stimulation to activate the brain's natural information processing system, similar to what occurs during rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep). The information processing system then integrates the memory networks with other information allowing healing to occur.

What is bilateral stimulation? Bilateral stimulation is a visual, auditory or tactile stimuli that fluctuates between the left and right side of the body. The most effective stimuli is the eye movement, where your eyes follow a guiding instrument as it moves from side to side. As an alternative, touch, pulsers or sounds are used, according to your needs.

What can EMDR do for me?

EMDR can help with

EMDR can help with so much more. If you wonder if EMDR might be helpful for you, request a free phone consultation.

EMDR Intensives

Sometimes weekly therapy sessions are not the most convenient because it takes a longer time span to resolve the issue. EMDR intensives provide the opportunity to do concentrated therapy. It is similar to a retreat, where you spend several days focusing on your healing. Each day, we'll take a deep dive into reducing the distress.

Intensives are specially beneficial for those whose symptoms are disrupting their daily functioning or those who are too busy to have weekly therapy.  Intensives seeks to restore balance and function in a shorter period of time.

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Advanced EMDR

In addition to the EMDR Basic Training, I am trained in the following:

Included are the Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST-Individual, ASSYST-Group, ASSYST-Remote, ASSYST-Remote-Group) intervention, the EMDR-Protocol for Recent Critical Incidents and Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-PRECI) and the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol Adapted for Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-IGTP-OTS).