Zahira Melendez Therapy

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. " - Nelson Mandela

Trauma Healing for Couples and Families

Life can unexpectedly change in an instant. That which you never thought would happen to you came riding into your life without invitation. In this case, it didn’t impact your life only but also your loved one’s. Couples and families can end up sharing the anxiety after a car accident, the overwhelming feeling of caring for a loved one who is ill, the shock of experiencing/witnessing violence, or the constant stress of demanding jobs. 

You feel pain and anger for what you and yours have lived through. Sometimes you can’t stop thinking about it all. You notice that you are uneasy and tired, even having sleeping problems. Sometimes your chest feels tight and it is hard to breathe. You walk around and think that life has been sucked out of you. You want all those feelings to go away but somehow you can’t make it stop. You not only notice this in yourself but you see that your loved ones are going through similar things. You see them struggling too.

In couple and family therapy, I offer a space where you all can share your experience, feel supported and heal. During our time together, we’ll identify and practice tools that can help you manage your distress as you navigate through your healing. We’ll work on reducing those overwhelming feelings to help you breathe again, feel like yourself again and have hope for the future. 

Contact me if you think that you and yours can benefit from this therapy.

Healing together with your partner and family can strengthen the bond you have and increase intimacy.