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PREPARE/ENRICH Program for Couples

The PREPARE/ENRICH program helps premarital couples prepare for marriage, and dating, married or committed couples enrich their relationship. It helps build a stronger relationship by exploring your specific relationship dynamics, identifying strengths and growth opportunities, and learning and practicing relationship skills.

There are two main components in PREPARE/ENRICH


The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment is a well-researched comprehensive tool that increases the awareness about yourself, your partner and your relationship, and guides you in developing relationship skills that will help you increase relational satisfaction.

Research shows that taking this assessment prior to marriage reduces the risk of divorce by 30%.

The assessment evaluates the couple’s relationship health in the following areas: 

The assessment is tailored to your current relational and cultural context. The questions at the beginning of the assessment will help customize the questions that will follow. It accounts for cohabitation status, cultural and ethnic differences, previous marriages, parenting status & expectations, role transitions, age related changes, and spiritual beliefs amongst others.  

Feedback and Skill Development

Following the assessment, we will meet for several feedback sessions to review the results of the assessment, celebrate the strengths and develop new skills to help you grow as a couple. Through the feedback process you can understand and accept each other's personality style, identify your differences, learn how to use those differences to benefit the relationship, and increase your ability to work as a team.

Skills Development

During the feedback sessions, you and your partner will learn and practice new skills. 

Skills are developed in the following categories:

Next Steps

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